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Effortless Hydration

I do not want to count glasses everyday to stay hydrated, so I made it really hard to not be hydrated. My environment and habits are set up in a way that water is just there all the time. It is hard to not sip from the cup when it is there all the time. …

About this Journey

I’ve been subconsciously asking myself the question in the URL without really knowing for years. 

The question is littered throughout pop culture as a reference to questioning someone’s ability to sleep at night based on something immoral they have done.

My moral dilemma is usually less about ethics and more about achieving in concert with my capabilities.

Did I get enough done today?

Did I make good use of my day and time?

Did I make enough progress towards my goals?

Am I living the way I actually want to live?

No seriously, AM I REALLY???

Am I going to be able to sleep tonight?

Without some framework or frame of reference, answering yes to those questions is challenging.

Despite what and how much I did, I spent many of my nights staying up trying to make the answer to those questions yes; ruminating about how far off I am from where I can be; or engaging in instant gratification activities like watching tv, eating, scrolling social media, checking websites, checking apps on my phone, gambling, or numbing myself with some substance until I’m seven eighths asleep and have to drag myself up to bed much later than I should be going to sleep. 

Delaying my sleep and not properly soothing myself and anxiety prior to going to sleep has popped up for many long stretches in my life. I can always find temporary peace and resolve, but consistently doing so has eluded me. Until it didn’t.

By combining my experiences, tools, knowledge, skills, grit, and a little help from the universe, I’ve developed my recipe for getting what I want out of life so I can peacefully lay my head at night and actually sleep. But the work never ends to ensure internal peace, so I’d love for you to join me on this journey and I can assist you with your recipe for a meaningful life.

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When I get a good night’s sleep and my mind is settled, vigor and energy are pumping through my body, which results in a pretty great mood. More moments during the day were as if there wasn’t anything else in the world to be aware of other than my senses.